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A. H. EVANS, M.A., F.Z.S.


Delectasti me, Doniine, in operibus nianu'.r.u tuarmn.






1 ^\ V <Ls


The Two-hundred-and-sixth Number of 'The Ibis completes the Fifty-third Volume of our Jourual, leaving only one more volume required to finish the Ninth Series. Few peridicals, we believe, devoted to special subjects have lasted for so long a time, though we must not forget that the 'Journal fiir Ornithologie ' started in 1853. The British Ornithologists' Union is fortunate in increasing the number of its Members every year and consequently in augmenting the resources of its Journal.

The most important events connected with our branch of Science that have taken place during the past year have been the return of the Expedition sent under the auspices of the British Ornithologists' Union to New Guinea, and the donation of the " Alexander " Collection to the British Museum. We have duly chronicled these events in the pages of ' The Ibis,' but may repeat that the Alexander Collection (see above, p. 187) contains about 4,000 skins, among which are the types of all


the many African species which Alexander discovered and described, and that the Collection made by the Naturalists of the New Guinea Expedition contains about 2,300 skins, which are now being carefully examined and determined at South Kensington.

r. L. 8.

A. IJ. E.

Offices of the Zoological Society of London,

Regent's Park, Londou, N.W,, October 1st, 1911.




[All asterisk indicates an Original Member. It is particularly requested that Sleinbers should give notice to the Secretary of the Union of any error iu their addresses or descriptions in this List, iu order that it may be corrected.]

Date of Election.

1911. Alexander, Christopher Ja:j[E3 ; 3 ^Mayfield Road, Tunbridge

"Wells, Kent. 1911. Alexander, Horace Gu>'dry; King's College, Cambridge;

and 3 Mayfield Eoad, Tunbridge AVells, Kent. 188S. Aplin, Oliver Vernon ; Stonebill House, Bloxbam, O.xon.

1896. Archibald, Charles F. ; 2 Darnlcy lload, West Park,

Leeds, Yorks. 5 1S9G. Arrigoni degli Oddi, Count Ettore, Professor of Zoology, University, Padua ; and Ca' oddo, Monselice, Padua, Italy. 1901. Arundel, Major Walter P., F.Z.S. ; High Ackworth, Ponte-

fract, Yorks. 1901. AsHBY, Herbert; Broadway House, Brookvale Pi.oad, Southampton.

1903. Ashworth, Dr. John "Wallwork, M.Pt.C.S., L.R.C.P.,

P.R.G.S., F.G.8. ; Thorne Bank, Heaton Moor, near Stockport, Cheshire.

1897. AsiLEY, Hubert Delayal, M.A., F.Z.S. ; Benham Park,

jS'ewbury, Berks, lo 1885. Backhouse, James, F.Z.S. ; Daieside, Scarborough, Yorks,

1904. Bahr, Philip Heinrich, M.A., M.B., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.,

F.Z.S. ; Stockhurst Farm, Oxted, Surrey. 1901. Bailward, Col. Arthur Churchill, F.Z.S. (R.F.A.) ;

64 Victoria Street, S.W.

1892. Baker, E. C. Stuart, F.Z.S. ; c/o Messrs. H. S. King & Co.,

65 Coruhill, E.C. ; and Deputy Inspector-General of Police, Dacca, India.

1901. Baker, Joh.v C, M.B., B.A. ; Ceely House, Aylesbury, Bucks. 15 1908. Ball, Crispin Alfred (Sudau Civil Service) ; Geteiua, White Nile Province, Sudan.

Date of Election.

1889. Balston, Richard James, F.Z.S.; Springfield, Maidstone. 1906. Banneeman, David A., B.A.; 11 Washington House, Basil

Street, S.W.

1890. Barclay, Fraxcis Hubert, F.Z.S. ; The Warren, Cromer,

Norfolk. 1885. Barclay, Hugh Gurxey, F.Z.S. ; Culney Hall, NorTvicli. 20 1889. Barrett-Hamilton, Major Gerald E. H., F.Z.S. ; Kilmanock,

Campile, Waterford, Ireland. 1831. Barringtox, Richard Manliffe, LL.l). ; Fassavoc, Braj',

Co. Wicklow, Ireland. ] 003. Bartels, Max. ; Pasir Datar, Halto Tjisaiit (Preanger), Java,

Dutch East Indies.

1906. Bates, George L., C.M.Z.S. ; Bitye, Ebolowa, Karaerun,

West Africa. 1908. Beaumont, Walter Ibbotson, F.Z.S. ; 1 Osborne Place, Plymouth. 25 1902, Becher, Harry, C.E. ; Strathmore,, Burnham-on-Crouch. 1910. Beeston, Harry; Sunnymead, South Street, Havant, Hants. 1897. Benson, John ; The Post Office, Vancouver, B.C. 1897. Berry, William, B.A., LL.B. ; Tayfield, Newport, Fifeshire.

1907. Bethell, The Hon. Richard ; 30 Hill Street, Mayfair, W. 30 1907. BicKERTON, William, F.Z.S. ; The Hawthorns, Marlborough

Road, Watford, Herts. 1880. Bidwell, Edward; 1 Trig Lane, Upper Thames Street, E.C. 1892. Bird, The Rev. Maurice C. H., M.A. ; Brunstead Rectory,

Stalhara, S.O., Norfolk. 1891. Blaauw, Frans Ernst, C.M.Z.S. ; Gooilust, 'sGraveland,

Hilversum, Noord-Holland. 1903. Blatbwayt, The Rev. Francis Linley, M.A. ; Doddinglon Rectory, Lincoln. 35 1897. Bonar, The Rev. Horatics Ninian, F.Z.S. ; Saltoun, Pen- caitland, N.B. 1905, Bone, Henry Peters, F.Z.S. ; 28 Adelaide Crescent, Briglilon. 1894. Bonuote, John Lewis, M.A., F.L.S., F.Z.S. ; Gado Spring Lodge, Hcrael Hempstead, Herts. {Secretary Sf Treasunr.) 1900. Boorman, Staines; Heath Farm, Send, Woking, Surrey. 181)8. Booth, George Albert ; 6 North Road, Preston ; and Fern Hill, Grange-over-Sands, Lanes. 40 1904. Booth, Harrv B. ; Ptybill, Ben Rhydding, via Le(>ds, Yorks. J 907. Borasxon.JohnMaci.aik; riiglesidc,Stretford,neaT]\rancht\ster. 1908. BoKREK, Clifford Damshx ; 0 Durham Place, ClicLca, S.W.


Date of Election.

lOlU. iJKAroriiXE, AVyxdham Wentavokth, Lord, F.Z.S. ; S Talgarth

iliiusions, Talgarth lioad, West Kensington, W. 1SU5. Bradfokd, Sir Jon]!f Eose, K.C.IM.G., M.D., D.Sc, F.E.S.,

F.Z.S ; 8 Manchester Square, W. 45 1002. Bkidgeuax, Commdr. The Hon. IUchaed 0. B.,li.X.; Weston

Park, Shifual, Salop. 1009. EiaciGs, Thomas Henry, M.A., F.E.S. ; Eock House,

Lynmouth, E.S.O., X. Devon. 1902. Bristoave, Bertkam Arthur ; The Cottage, Stoke D'Abcrnon,

Surrey. 18S5. Brockholes, Wir,LiA:\[ FriznERBERi ; Claughton-on-Brock,

Garstang, Lancashire. 1908. Brook, Edward Joxas, F.Z.S, ; Hoddani Castle, Ecclefechau,

c^o 1890. Brooke, Harry Brixsley; 33 Egcrton Gardens, S.W.

1899. Brooke, John Arthur, J. P. ; Fenay Hall, Huddersficld ; and

Fearn Lodge, Ardgay, Eoss-shire.

1900. Bruce, William Speiks, LL.D., F.E.S.E. ; Scottish Oceano-

graphical Laboratory, Surgeon's Hall, Edinburgh.

1907. Buckley, Charles ATars ; 4 Hans Crescent, S.W.

lOOO. BucKNiLL, The Hon. John Alexander Stracuey, M.A., F.Z.S. ; Kioshly Chiftlik, Jsicosia, Cyprus ; and Hylands House, Epsom, Surrey, c- 1895. Bulgaria, H.M. Ferdixaxd, King of, F.Z.S.; The Palace, Sotia, Bulgaria.

1908. BuNYARD, Percy Frederick, F.Z.S. : 57 Kidderminster Eoad,

Croydon, Surrey. 1907. Butler, Arthur Gardiner, Ph.D., F.L.S., F.Z.S. ; 124 Beck-

enham Eoad, Beckenham, Kent. 1899. Butler, Arthur Lennox, F.Z.S.; Superintendent of Game

Preservation, Sudan Government, Khartum, Sudan. 1884. Butler, Lieut.-Col. E. A. ; "\Mnsford Hall, Stokesby, Great

Yarmouth. 6o 1900. Buttress, Bernard A. E. ; Craft Hill, Dry Drayton,

Cambridge. 1905. Buxton, Anthony; Knighton, Buckhurst Hill, Esses. 1884. Buxton, Geoffrey Fowih.l, F.Z.S. ; Dunston Hall, Xorwich. 1896. Cade, Francis J. ; Mosborough, The Park, Cheltenham. 18S9. Cameron, Ewex Sumerlld, F.Z.S. ; Fallon, Montana,


Date of


6S 1S9G. Cameron, Capt. James 8.; (2nt\ Bn. Tloyal Sussex Regt.)

Low Wood, Betliersdcij, Asbford, Kent-, 1SS3. Cameron, John Duncan ; Low Wood, Eethersdeii, Asliford,

Kent. 1892. Campeel:-, Charles William, C.M.G., C.:Nr.Z.S., ]LB.M.

Chinese Consular Service ; British Legation, Peking, China. 1909. Campbell, David Callender, J.?.; Tcmplemore Park,

London derrj-, Irehxud.

1909. Carroll, Clement Joseph ; Bockh^w, Fethard, Co. Tipperarj-,

Ireland. 70 1904. Carrxjthers, Alexander Douglas M. ; Little Mundeu

llectorj-, Wai-e, Herts. 1908. Carter, Thomas ; Wensleydale, Broome Hill (Great Southern

llailway). Western Australia. 1890. Cave, Charles John Philip, M.A., F.Z.S.; Ditcham Park,

Petersfield, Hants. 1894. Chance, A. Macomb, M. A.; c/o E. P. Chance, Esq., Lawnside,

Edgbaston, Birmingham. 1884. Chapman, Abel, F.Z.S. ; Houxty, Wark-on-Tyue, North-

umhcrland. 75 1882. Chase, IIobert William ; Pool Hall, Wishaw, near Bir- mingham. 1908. Cheesman, IIobert E. ; Tilsden, Cranbrook, Kent. 1897. Cholmlet, Alfred John, E.Z.S. ; I'lace Newton,

llillington, Yorks.

1910. Chubb, Charles, F.Z.S. ; British Museum (Xatural

History), Cromwell Iload, S.W. 1904. Clarke, Capt. Goland van Holt, D.S.O., F.Z.S. ; Cliilworth

Court, Eomsey, Hants. 80 1889. Clarke, Lt.-Col. Stephenson Robert, F.Z.S. ; Bordo Hill,

Cuckfield, Sussex. 1880. Clarke, William Eagle, F.L.S. ; Eoyal Scottish Museum,

Edinburgh. 1904. Cochrane, Commdr. Henry Lake, 11. N. ; Junior United

Service Club, Charles Street, St. James's, S.W. 1S98. Cocks, Alfred Heneage, M.A., F.Z.S. ; Poynetts, Skirmert,

near Henley-on-Thames. 1895. Coles, llrcirARD Edwai;d; Aslilcy Arnewood, JN''ew Milton,

S.O., Hant?. 85 1911. Collett, Antiionv Kkeling ; 5 Stone Buildings, Lincoln's

Inn, AV.C,

Date of

Election .

190-i. Collier, Ciiahlls, F.Z.S. ; Eridgo House, Culuastock, Devon ; and Windham Club, 8t. James' S(]uaio, S.W.

1909. CoxGKEVE, AViLLiAM Maitlam) (Litut. E.A.); Eieinton

House, near Hereford.

1910. CoNiGEAVE, Chakles Price, F.ll.G.S., E.A.O.U. ; Department

of Agriculture, Perth, Western Australia. ISSS. CortDEAUx, Major William Wilfrid, (late 21st Lancers),

Hopehourne, Harbledown, Canterbur}-. 90 1890. CowiE, Col. Alexander Hrcn, F.Z.S. ; Uddens House,

Wimboiirne, Dorset. 1894. Crewe, Sir VArxcKY Harpur, Et, ; Calke Abbey, Derb}'. 1898. Crossman, Alan F., F.Z.S. ; Cumminin Station, near Dood-

lakine. Western Australia. 1003. Crowley, John Cyril, M.A, ; 5 Eeech House Eoad,

Croydon. 1898. Crowley, Eeginald Alwyn; Eernards, Vines Cross, Sussex ;

and "22 High Street, Croydon. 95 1899. Curtis, Frederick, F.E.C.S. ; I.yndens, Eedhill, Surrey. 1877. Dalgleish, John J. ; Erankstou Grange, Eogside Station,

Alloa, N.B.

1896. Danford, Capt. Eeetram W. Y., E.E. ; Eermuda.

1897. Darnley, Iyo Francis Walton, Earl ; Cobliam HalJ,

Gravesend ; and Clifton Lodge, Athboy, Co. Meath. 1883. Davidson, James, F.Z.S.; 32 Drumsheugh Gardens, Edin- burgh. 100 1908. Davies, Claude G. ; ' E' Squadron, Cnpc !^^ou^ted Eifltmen,

Matatiele, E. Griqualand, South Africa. 1905. Davis, Kenneth James Acton ; Julian Hill, Harrow ; and

King's College, Cambridge. 1909. Delme-Radclifee, Capt. Alfred (105th Maratha Light

Infantry) ; Satara, Deccan, India ; and c/o Messrs. Cox

& Co., 16 Charing Cross, S.W. 1902. Dent, Charles Henry; c/o Messrs. Earclay & Co. Ltd.,

Darlington, Durham. 1891, De Yis, Charles AY.; Queensland IMuscum, Erisbane,

Australia; and care of Mr. E.Quaritch,ll Giafton Street, AV. 105 1893. De AVinton, AVilliam Edward, F.Z.S. ; Southover Hall, Burwash, Sussex. 1890. DoBBiE, James Eell, F.E.S.E., F.Z.S. ; 12 Soutli Inverkith

Terrace, Edinburgli.

Date of Election

1889. DoBiR, WiLLiui Hio.vRV, M.ll.C.S. ; 2 Hunter Street,

Chester. 1911. DoDswoRTn, Pelhak Tiieob.vld Lano\le, F.Z.S. ; Carlton

Grove, Simla, S.W., (Punjab), India. 1901. DouPviEN'-SMiTir, Thomas Algernon, J.P., D.L. ; Tresco Abbey, Scilly Isles. no 1901. Drvke-Brockxian, Dr. IIalpii Evelyn, il.R.C.S., L.Il.C.P., r.Z.S. ; Cheriton, Wellington Hoad, Bournemouth.

1865. Dresser, Henry Eeles, E.L.S., E.Z.S. ; 11 Iloniton Court,

Kensington, W.

1890. Drewitt, Frederic Dawtrey, M.A., M.D., F.Z.S. ; 11 Palace

Gardens Terrace, Kensington, W. 1890. Dru5imond-Hay, Col. James A. G. II.- (Coldstream Guards);

Seggieden, by Perth, N.B. 1901. DucTiWORTH, George Herbert; Philpots, East Grinstead,

Susses. 115 1878, Ddrnford, W. Arthur, J.P. ; Elsecar, Barnsley, Yorks.

1905. DuTioN, The Hon. and llev. Canon Frederick George;

Blbnry, Fairford, Gloucestershire. 1903. Eakle, Edward Vavasoqr ; 1 Broad Street Place, E.G. 1895. Elliot, Edmund A, S., M.ll.C.S. ; Woodvillc, Kingsbridge,

South Devon. 1881. Elliott, Algernon, CLE. ; 16 Belsizo Grove, Hamp-

stead, N.W. I30 1902. Ellison, The llev. Allan, M. A.; Althorpe Rectory, Doncaster,

Yorks. 1901. Elton, Hexry Brown, B.A., M.B., B.C., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. ;

Glenview, Llandovery, South Wales.

1866. Elwes, Henry .Iokn, F.R.S., F.Z.S. ; Colesborne, Cheltenham. 1879. Evans, Artuur Humble, M.A., F.Z.S. ; 9 Harvey Road, Cam- bridge. {Joint EiUUrr.)

1888. Evans, William, F.R.S.E. ; 38 Morningside Park, Edin- burgh. 125 1905. EwEN, Guy L'Estrange (King's Messenger); St. James's Club, Piccadilly, W.

1892. Faikhridge, William George; Hi Long Market Street, Capetown, South Afilca.

1909. Fansiiawe, Capt. Richard D. (late Scots Guards); Adbury Holt, Newbury, Berks.

189L Fa K(iUHAii, Rear-Admiral Arthur Murray, C.V.O. ; Granville Lodge, Abnyne, Aberdeenshire, N.B,

Date of


1898. FARaFHAK, Capt. Stuart St. J., R.N. ; Naval & Military Club, riccadilly, W. 130 1873. Feildejst, Col, Henry Wemyss, C.B., C.M.Z.S. ; Burwash, Sussex ; aud Junior United Service Club, S.W.

1901. FiNLiNSON, Horace W., F.Z.S. ; 5 Rosamond Eoad,

Bedford. 1892. Finn, Frank, B.A., F.Z.S. ; 36 St. George's lload, llcgcnt's Park, N.W.

1902, Flower, Capt. Stanley Smyth, F.Z.S. ; Kudah House,

Zoological Gardens, Giza, Egypt, 1884. Forres, Hi:nry Oug, LL.D., F.Z.S. ; 46 Leinster Square, Bayswatei", W. 135 1903. Foster, Nevin Harkness ; Hillsborough, Co. Down, Ireland.

1880, FosTLR, William ; 39 Colville Gardens, Bayswater, \V. 1887. Fowler, William Warde, M.A. ; Lincoln College, Oxford. 1865. Fox, The llev, Henry Elliott, M,A, ; The Croft, Lytton

Grove, Putney Hill, S.W.

1881, Freke, Percy Evans ; Southpoint, Limes Poad, Folkestone. 140 1895, Frohawk, Frederick William ; Ashmount, Pay leigh, Essex,

1909. Frost, William Edward, J. P. ; Ardvreck, Crieff, Perthshire. 1881. Gadow, Hans, Ph.D., F.ll.S., F.Z.S.; University Museum of

Zoology, Cambridge. 1886, Gainsborough, Charles William Francis, Earl of; Extou

Park, Oakham, Rutland, 1907, Gandolei, Alfonso Otho Gandolpi-Hornyold, Duke, Ph,D. ;

Blackmore Park, Hanley Swan, Worcestershire. 145 1900. Garnett, Charles; 9 Cleveland Gardens, Hyde Park, W. ;

and New University Club, St. James's Street, S.W. 1892. Gerrard, John, Government Inspector of Mines ; Worsley,

near Manchester, Lanes. 1902, GiBRiNS, William Bevington, F.Z.S, ; Eltinglon, Stralford-

on-Avon, Warwickshire. 1879. Gibson, Ernest, F.L.S., F.Z.S., F.P.G.S. ; 25 Cadogan Place,

S.W, ; and c/o Messrs. Eraser, Stodart & Ballingall,

16 Castle Street, Edinburgh.

1902. GiLLMAN, Arthur Piley ; Heath Vale, Farnham, Surrey. 150 1904. GiLROY, Norman; 95 Claremont Poad, Forest Gate, E. ;

and Seaford, Sussex.

1903. Gladstone, Hugh Steuart, M.A., F.Z.S.; Capenocli, Thorn-

hill, Dumfriesshire.

Date of Election.

1889. Glkxcoxner, Edward Priaulx, Lord, M.A, F.Z.S. ; 34 Queen Anue's Gate, 8.W. ; and The Glen, Innerleithen, Peeblesshire, JST.E.

1908. GoBMAN, Capt. Edward Shiklkv (2nd Dorset Pegiment) ;

Muntliam, Horsliam, iSusscx. * 1858. GoDMAN, FrrderickDuCane, D.C.L.,F.P.S.,r.Z.S.; 45 Pont

Street, 8.W. ; and South Lodge, Horsham, Sussex.

(Fresklcnt.) (Gold .Medallist.) 155* 1858. GoDMAN, Percy Sandex, E.A., C.M.Z.S. ; Muntham,

Horsham, Sussex. (Gold McdaUi.st.) 190G. GooDALL, Jeremiah Matthews, P.Z.8. ; 52 Oxford Gardens,

Kortli Kensington, W. 1901 . GooDCHiLD, Herbert; G6 Gloucester Poad, Pegenfs Park, N.W. 1900. Goodfeleow, Walter, F.Z.S. ; Mont Eleuvi, Soutlibourne

Grove, Bournemouth, Hants. 190G. Gordon, Seton Paul, F.Z.S. ; Auchintoul, Aboyne,

Aberdeenshire, N.P. 160 1899. Gould, Francis Herbert Carruthers, F.Z.S.; Matham

Manor House, East Molescy, Surrey. 1895. Grabham, Oxley, M.A. ; The Museum, York.

1909. Grant, Claude Henry Baxter, F.Z.S. ; GQ Hurlinghara Road,

Hurlingham, S.AV. 1909. Grey, The Pt. Hon. Sir Edward, Et., P.C, F.Z.S. ;

Fallodcn, Christon Bank, P.S.O., Northumberland. 190G. Griffith, Arthur Foster; 59 Montpellier Road, Brighton. 165 1885. Guillemard, FRi.>:crs Henry Hill, M.A., M.D., F.Z.S. ; Old

Mill House, Tnimpington, Cambridge. 1908. GuRSEY, Gerard Hudson, F.Z.S., F.E.S. ; Keswick Hall,

Norwich, Norfolk. 1870. Gurney, John Henry, F.Z.S. ; Keswick Hall, Norwich ; and

Athenaeum Club, Pall Mall, S.AV. 189G. Gurney, Robert, F.Z.S. ; Ingham Old Hall, Stalliam, Norfolk. 1890. Gwatkin, Joshua Reynolds Gascoign ; The Manor House,

Potterne, Devizes, Wilts. 170 1891. Haigh, George Henry Caton ; Grainsby Hall, Great Grimsby,

Lincolnshire. 1887. Haines, John Pleydell Wilton ; 17 King Street, Gloucester. 1898. Hale, The Rev. James Rashleigh, M.A. ; Eoxley Vicarage,

Maidstone, Kent. 1905. Hamertox, Ca[)t. Albert Edward, D.S.O., R.A.M.C.,

F.Z.S. : c/o Messrs. Holt & Co., 3 Whitehall Place, S.W.

Tate of Election

1904. Harington, Major IIeri5eiit Hastings ; 02iicl runjabis,

Mandalay, Ujipcr Emma; and c/o Messrs, Tlios. Cook &

Sons, Ludgate Circus, E.C.

175 1000, Harpek, Edmund "William, F,Z.S. ; c/o MomLasa Pharmacy,

Mombasa, British East Africa.

1000, Harris, Henry Edavard ; 2 8t, Aubyn's Mansions, Hove,

Sussex. 1803, Hartert, Ernst J. 0., Th.D., F.Z.8. ; The Zoological Museum,

Triug, Herts, 1868. Harting, James Edmtnd, F.L.S., F.Z.S. ; Edgewood, Wey-

bridge, Surrey, 1893, Hartmann, William; Milburn, Esher, Surrey, I So 1800, Harvet, Major IIobert Napier, 11, E, ; Broxhead Cottage, Bordon Camp, Hants. 1873. Harvie-Brown, John A., F,B,S.E., F.Z.S. ; Dunipace,

Larbert, Stirlingii-hire, X.B. 1000. Hasltjck, Percy Pedley Hareord; The "Wilderness, Soutli-

gate, N. ]902. Hatfeild, John PiAndall ; Edlington Hall, Horneastle,

Lincolnshire. 1808, Haavker, Richard Macdonnell, F.Z.S.; Bath Club, Dover Street, \Y. ; and c/o Messrs. Dalgety & Co., 06 Bishopsgale Street Within, E.C. 185 1005. Hawkshaw, John Clarke, M.A., M.I.C.E., F.Z.S., F.G.S. ; Hollycombe, Liphook, Hants ; and 33 Great George Street, "Westminster, S."W. 1905. Headley, Frederick Wkbb, M.A., F.Z.S.; Haileybury

College, Herts. 1907. Hedges, George Mitchell ; 42 Kensington Park Gar- dens, "W. 1905. Hellmayr, Carl E. ; AVittelsbacherstrasse 2 III., Munich,

Germany. 1902. Hett, Geoffrey Seccombe, ^I.B., F.Z.S.; 8 "Wimpole Street, W. 190 1899. Heywood, Richard, F.Z.S. ; Narside, Xarborough, Swaffham, Norfolk. 1000. Hills, John "Waller, ; Queen Anne's Mansions, "West- minster, S.W. ; and Highhead Castle, Carlisle. 1884. HoLDswoRTH, Charles James, J. P. ; Fernhill, Alderley Edge,

Cheshire. 1905. HoPKiNsoN, Emilius, M.B., D.S.O., F.Z.S. ; 45 Susse.\ Square, Brighton, Sussex ; and Medical Officer,Gambia, West Africa.

Date of Election.

1904. HoESBKUGH, Major Eorn Eobert, F.Z.S. (Army Service

Corps) ; Morristown Biller, Newbridge, Co. Kildare, Ireland. 195 18S8. HoRSFiELD, Herdekt Knight ; Crescent Hill, Filey, Yorks.

1895. Howard, Henry Eliot, F.Z.S. ; Clarelands, near Stourport,

Worcestershire. 1881. Howard, Robert James; Shearbank, Blackburn, Lancashire. 1911. Hudson, Edward ; 15 Queen z\nne's Gate, S.W. 1911. Hudson, Reginald ; 16 Warwick Road, Stratford-oii-Avon. 200 18G9. Hume, Allan Octayian, C.B., C.S.I., F.Z.S.; The Chalet, 4 Kingswood Road, Upper Norwood, S.E.

1890. Hunter, Henry Charles Vicars, F.Z.S. ; Abcrmarlais Park,

Llangadock, Carmarthenshire.

1901. Ingram, Collingwood, F.Z.S. ; Sussex Mansions, AVcstgate-

on-Sea, Kent.

1902. Innes Bey, Dr. Walter Francis ; Curator of the Zoological

Museum, School of Medicine, Cairo, Egypt.

1888. Jackson, Frederick John, C.B., C.M.G., F.L.S., F.Z.S.;

Entebbe, ITganda, British East Africa ; and The Red House, Aldeburgh, Suffolk. 205 1892, James, Henry Ashworth, F.Z.S. ; Hurstmonceux Place, Hailsham, Sussex.

1896. Jesse, William, B. A., F.Z.S. ; Meerut College, ^feerut, India.

1889. Johnson, Frederick Ponsonby, B.A., J. P., D.L. ; Castlesteads,

Brampton, Cumberland.

1891. Johnston, Sir Harry Hamilton, G.C.M.G., K.C.B., F.Z.S. ;

St, John's Priory, Poling, near Arundel, Sussex.

1905. Johnstone, Edwin James, F.Z.S. ; Burrswood, Groombridge,

Sussex; and Junior Carlton Club, Pall Mall, S.W, 210 1900, JoNEs,Major Henry, F.Z.S. (late 62nd Regt.) ; East Wickham

House, Welling, Kent, 1909, Jones, Staff-Surgeon Kenneth Hurlstone, M.B., Ch.B.,

F.Z.S., R.N,; The Manor House, St. Stcj)hen's, Canterbury,

Kent, 1899. JouRDAiN, The Rev. Francis Charles Robert, M.A. ; Clifton

Vicarage, near Ashburnc, Derbyshire. 1902. Joy, Norman Humbert, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. ; Thurlestone,

Bradfield, near Reading, Berks. 1880. Kelham, Col. Henry Robert, C.B. (late Highland Light

Infantry); Army and Navy Club, Pall Mall, S.W.


Date of Election.

215 1894. IvELSALL, Major Hahry Jnsrrn, R.A. : 0/0 J. AV. Jameson, Esq., Langham Lea, Bowdon, Cheshire.

1897. Kelsall, The liev. John Edavaed, M.A. ; Milton Rectory,

New Milton, Hants. 1904. Kelso, Johis^ Edward Harry, M.D. ; Holmwootl, Hayling Island, Hants.

1891. Kerr, John Graham, E.H.S., E.Z.S,, Eegius Trofessor of

Zoolog}-, 9 The University, Glasgow. 1895. KiNGSi'ORD, William Edward ; Cairo, Egypt. 220 1902. KiNNEAK, NoEMAN EoYD ; Bombay Natural History Socictv,

6 Apollo Street, Bombay, India. 1910. Kloss, Cecil Boden, F.Z.S., E.ll.A.I. ; Curator of the Perak

State Museum, Taiping, Perak, Federated Malay States. 1882. Knttbley, The Rev. Edward Ponsonby, M.A.; Steeple Ashton

Vicarage, Trowbridge, Wilts. 1900. KoENiG, Dr. Alexander Ferdinand ; Coblcnzer-Strasse 1G4,

Bonn, Germany. 1906. KoLLiBAY, Pael ; Ring 12 1, Neisse, Germany. 235 1892= Laidlaw, Thomas Geddes ; Bank of Scotland, Duns, N.B. 1884. Langton, Herbert ; St. Moritz, 01 Dyke Road, Jirighton. 1881. Lascelles, The Hon. Gerald William, F.Z.S. ; The King's

House, Lyndhurst, Hants.

1892. LaToeche, John David Digues, C.M.Z.S. ; c/o Custom

House, Chinkiang, Cliina (via Siberia). 1910. Lees, T. 0. Hastings, M.A. , F.Z.S. ; 4 Osnaburgh Terrace,

Regent's Park, N.W. 2 70 190"). Legge, The Hon. Gerald; c/o Messrs. Hoarc, 37 Fleet

Street, E.G. 190G. Leigh, John Hamilton, F.Z.S. ; Matcham's Park, Ringwood,


1898. Le Socef, Dudley, C.M.Z.S.; Director of the Zoological

Gardens, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 18GS. Le Strange, Hamon, F.Z.S. ; Hunstanton Hall, King's Lyjui,

Norfolk ; and 1 Eaton Place, Eaton Square, S.W. 1889. Leyland, Christopher John, F.Z.S. ; Haggerston Castle, Bcal,

Northumberland. 23- 1897. LiLFORD, John, Lord, F.Z.S.; Lilford Hall, Oundle,Northants. 1909. Lings, George Herbert ; Barciecroft, Buriuige, Didsbury,

Manchester. 1897. Lodge, George Edward, F.Z.S.; The Studios, 5 Thurloo

Square, S.W.

Date of Election.

1903. LoxG, SvTDXRr Kiorbrut, :M.D. ; 37 St. Giles Street,,

Norwich, Norfolk.

1904. Lowe, Dr. Percy R., B.1.,M.13. ; c/o Sir Frederic Johnstone, 151 .,

The Hatch, Windsor, Berks. 240 1889. LoYD, Lt.-Col. Arthur Tuiivis, F.Z.S. (late 2].st Hussars); Hurst Lodge, Sunningdale, lierks. 1902. Lucas, Auberon Thomas, Lord, F.Z.S. ; 83 Grosvonor ]'oal,


1877. LuMSDEX, .Tames, F.Z.S.; Ardeii House, Ardon, Dumliarton- shire, N.B.

1905. Lyell, Charles Hexry, ; 48 Eaton Place, S.W.

1004. Lynes, Commander Hubert, 11. N.; Garthmtilio, Corweii,

North Wales. 245 1900. McConjiell, Frederick Vavasour ; Camfiekl Place, Hatfield,

Herts. 1905. McGregor, Peter James Colquhoun ; H.P.^I. Consul,

British Consulate, Erzcruni, Turkey in Asia. 1897. McLeax, John Chambers ; Te Ivaraka, Gisborno, New

Zealand. 1899. Macmillan, George Augustix, F.Z.S. ; 27 Queen's Gate

Gardens, S.W. 190G. Macmillax, "William Edward Fraxk ; 27 Queen's Gate

Gardens, S.W. 250 1909. Macxagutex, Nokmax Donnelly ; Ministrj' of the Interior,

Cairo, Egypt. 1894. MACrnEESON, Arthur Holte, F.Z.S. ; 21 Campdeii Hill

Square, Kensington, W. 190G. Magrath, Major Hexry Augustus Frederick ; c/o Messrs. It.

S. King & Co., 9 Pall ^IM, S.W.

1907. Maxx, Thomas Hugh, F.Z.S. ; Trulls Hatch, Ilotherfidd,


1908. Maples, Stuart ; Lytton House. Stevenage, Herts,

255 1904. Mapleton, Harvey William, B.A. ; Weare, Axbridge,

Somerset. 1894. Marshall, Archibald McLean, F.Z.S.; Great Chitconibe,

Brede, Sussex. 1894. Marshall, James McLean, F.Z.S.: Bleaton Hallet, lilair-

gowrie, Perlhsliire, N.B. 1897. Mason, Col. Edward Snow; 10 Lindum Teiraee,


Date of


1898. Masset, Herbeki; Ivy Lea, Burnage, Didsbuvy, Mancliestev. 260 1007. Mathews, Gregory Macalister, F.L.S., F.Z.S, ; Langlcy

Mount, Watford, Herts. 1908. Mathews, Hichard Owen ; Langley Mount, Watford. 1S9G. Maxwell, The lU. Hon. Sir Herbert Eustace, T,t., P.C,

r.ll.S. ; Monrcitli, Whauphill, Wigtowushire, X.T?. 1883. Meade- Waldo, Edmund Gustavus Bloomfield, F.Z.S. ;

Stonewall Park, Edenbridge, Kent.

1899. Meinertzhagen, Capt. Eichard, F.Z.S. (Royal Fusiliers) ;

c/o Messrs. Cox & Co., 16 Charing Cross, S.W. 265 1886. Millais, John Guille, F.Z.S. ; Compton's Brow, Horsham, Sussex. 1903. Mills, The Rev. Henry Holroyd, M.A., F.Z.S. ; The Rectory,

St. Stephen-in-Brannel, Grampound Road, Cornwall. 1879. Mitchell, Frederick Shaav ; Hornshaws, Millstreani,

Vancouver Island, British Columbia. 1901. Mitchell, P. Chalmers, M.A., D.Sc, LL.D., F.R.S., F.L.S.,

F.Z.S. ; Secretary to the Zoological Society of London,

Regent's Park, N.W. 1908. MoMBER, A. R. ; Magdalene College, Cambridge. 2yo 1898. Monro, Horace Cecil, C.B. ; Queen Anne's Mansions, Qiiccn

Anne's Gate, S.W. 1906. Moore, Lt.-Col. Cyril H. ; Regimental Accountant's Office,

Colchester, Essex. 1886. Mttirhead, George, F.R.S.E. ; Speybank, Fochabers,

Morayshire. 1893. Mullens, Major William Herbert, M.A., LL.Z\I., F.Z.S. ;

Westfield Place, Battle, Sussex. 1892, MuNN, Philip AYinchester, F.Z.S. ; Laverstoke, Whitchurch,

Hants. 275 1897. Mxint, Henry, F.Z.S.; 10 Ashburn Place, South Kensington,

S.W. 1911. Murray, Edavard Mackenzie; Woodside, Coupar-Angus,

Perthshire. 1910. Murray, Herbert Willaume, F.Z.S.; The Old House,

Epsom, Surrey. 1900. Musters, John Patricius Chawortu, D.L., J.P. ; .Aimcsley

Park, Nottingham. 1907. Neave, Sbeffield Airey, M.A., B.Sc. F.Z.S.; Mill Green

Park, Ingatcstono, Essex.

SER. IX. vol., V. h

Date of Election.

280 1882. Nelson, Thomas Hudson ; Seafiold, llcdcar, Yorkshire.

1895. NEsnAM, Robert, F.Z.S., F.E.S. ; Utrecht House, Queen's

Eoad, Claphara Park, S.W. 1904. Newman, Thomas Heney, F.Z.S. ; Newlands, Harrowdene

Ivoad, Wembley, Middlesex. 1 902. Nichols, John Beuce, F.Z.S. ; Parliament Mansions, Victoria

Street, S.W. 1900. Nichols, Walter Buchanan ; Stour Lodge, Bradfield, Manuingtree, Essex. 285 1870. Nicholson, Francis, F.Z.S.; The Knoll, Windermere, Westmoreland. 1902. NicoLL, Michael John, F.Z.S. ; Valhalla House, Zoological

Gardens, Giza, Egj-pt. 1904. NoAKES, Wickham ; Selsdon Park, Croydon, Surrey. 1892. Ogilvie, Fergus Menteith, M.A., F.Z.S. ; The Shrubbery,

72 Woodstock lioad, Oxford. 1890. Ogilvie-Grant, William Piobert, F.Z.S. ; British Museum (Natural History), Cromwell Eoad, S.W. 290 1889. Ogle, Bertram Savile ; Hill House, Steeple Aston, Oxford. 1907. Oldham, Charles, F.Z.S. ; Kelvin, Boxwell Pioad, Berk-

hamsted, Herts, 1906. OsMASTON, Bertram Beresford (Imperial Forest Service);

Naini Tal, India. 1883. Parker, Henry, C.E. ; Whitbournc Lodge, Mauby Boad,

Great Malvern. 1880. Parkin, Thomas, M.A., F.L.S., F.Z.S.; Fairseat, High Wickham, Hastings, Sussex. 295 1908. Paton, Edward Bichmonb, F.Z.S. ; Brookdale, Grassendale, near Liverpool, Lanes. 1891. Patterson, Robert, F.L.S., M.E..I.A. ; Glenbank, Holywood,

Co. Down, Ireland. 1911. Patterson, William Harry ; 25 Queen's Gate Gardens, S.W. 1904. Pearse, Theed ; Central Park, British Columbia ; and

M^ntmore, Ampthill Eoad, Bedford. 1894. Pearson, Charles Edward, F.L.S. ; Hillcrest, Lowdliam, Notts. 300 1B91. Pearson, Henry J., F.Z.S. ; Bramcote, Notts.

1902. Pease, Sir Alfred Edward, Bt., F.Z.S. ; Pinchinthorpe House, Guisborough, Yorkshire and Brooks's Club, St. .James's Street. S.W.

Date of Election.

1898, PExjf, Eric Fkank ; 42 Gloucester f:^quare, W. 1891, Penrose, Francis George, M.D., F.Z.S.; Wick House, Downton, Salisbury, \yilts.

1900. Perciyal, Arthur BLAYXEr, F,Z.8. ; Game-Pianger, Xairobi,

British East Africa Protectorate ; and Somerset Court,

Breut Knoll, Somerset. 305 1907. Perct, Lord William ; 2 Grosvenor Place, S,W. ; and

Alnwick Castle, Alnwick, Northumberland. 1886. Phillips, Exhelbert Lort, F.Z.S. ; 79 Cadogan Square, S.W. 1893. PiGOTT, Sir Thomas Digby, K.C.B. ; The Lodge, Lower

Sheringham, ]Xorfolk. 1908. Player, W.J. Percy; The Qaarr, Clydach, ll.S.O., (;ihimor-

ganshire. 1907. PococK,llEGiNALDlNJfES,F.K.S.,F.L.S,,F.Z.S.; Superintendent

of the Zoological Gardens, Uegent's Park, N.W. 31c 1905, PoLLAKD, Capt. Arthur Erskine St. Vincent (The Border

Regiment) ; Haynford Hail, Norwich, Norfolk. 189(3. Popham, Hugh Leikorne, M.A. ; Hunstrete House, Pensford,

near Bristol. 1898. Price, Athelsian Elder, F.Z.S. ; 61 Groat Cumberland

Place, W. 1903. Proctor, Major Frederick William (late West Hiding Begt.) ;

Dowufield, Maidenhead, Berks.

1901. Proud, John T. ; Dellwood, Bishop Auckland, Durham.

311; 1893. PiCRAFT, William Plane, F.Z.S,; Britisli Museum (Natural

History), Cromwell Eoad, S.W. 1888. Radclyffe, Charles Eobert Eustace; Hyde, Wareliam,

Dorset. 1903. Halfe, Pilcher George ; The Parade, Castletown, Isle

of Man. 1903. Hatcliff, Frederick Rowlimson; 24 Lancaster Gate, W. 1879. Uaavson, Herbert Evelyn; Comynllill, llfracoml.'e, N.Devon. 000 1S94. Read, Richard Henrv, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. ; Churcli Street,

Hanley, Staffordstnre. 1883. Read, Robert H. ; Sa South Parade, Bedford Park, W. 1877. Reid, Capt. Philip Savile Grey (kite R.E.); Tlie Elms,

Yalding, Maidstone, Kent. 1903. Rexaut, W^illiam E.; 192 Bclsize Road, Hampstead,

N.W. 1908. RiCHARLSON, Norman Frederic. F.Z.S.; Lynndale, Mjuior Road, Forest Hill, S.E.

Date of Election.

3-5 1907. IliciiMOND, Herbert William ; King's College, Cambridge. 1S95. RicKEXT, Chakles BouGHEr, F.Z.S. ; 13 St. Paul's lload,

Clifton, Bristol. 189G. RippoN, Lt.-Col. George, F.Z.S. ; 89rli Punjabis, P.O. Kalaw,

Southern Shan States, Upper Burma. 1907. Ritchie, Akchibald TnoirAS Atres ; Magdalen College,

Oxford ; and Overstrand, near Cromer, Norfolk. 1902. RiviEUE, Bernard Beryl, P.R.C S. ; St. Giles's Plain, Nor^\'ich, Norfolk. -530 190S. Robertson, Sir Henrt Beyer, B.A. ; Pale, Corwen, North "Wales. 1S98. Robinson, Herbert C, C.M.Z.S. ; Selangor State Museum,

Kuala Lumpur, Federated Malay States. 189G. Rogers, Lt.-Col. John Middleton, D.S.O., F.Z.S. (late 1st Dragoons) ; Riverhill, Sevenoaks, Kent.

1893. Rothschild, The Hon. Lionel AValtee, D.Sc., Ph.D., F.Z.S. ;

The Zoological Museum, Tring, Herts.

1894. Rothschild, The Hon. Nathaniel Charles, M.A., F.Z.S. ;

Arundel House, Kensington Palace Gardens, AV. 335 1910. R.UCKEK, Sir Arthur AA'illiajm, ALA., D.Sc, LL.D., F.R.S. ;

Everington House, Newbury, Berks. 1907. Russell, Conrad George Edward, F.Z.S.; 2 Audley Square,

W. 1910. Russell, Harold, F.Z S. ; 16 Beaufort Gardens, Chelsea,

S.AV. 1883. St. QuiNTiN, AA^illiam Herbert, F.Z.S. ; Scampston Hall,

Rilliugton, Yorkshire.

1903. Sandeman, Capt. Robert Preston (late 10th Hussars) : Dan-y

Pare, Crickhowell, Breconshire. 3^0 1889. Sapswoeth, Arnold Duer, F.Z.S.; National Liberal Club, Whitehall Place, S.W. 1902. Saugeaunt, Artuur St. George ; Exbury, Padstow, Cornwall.

1904. Sargent, James; 7G Jermyn Street, S.AV.

1902. Saunders, AVilliam Henry Radclieee, C.E., F.Z.S. ; The

AVhite Mansion, 91 York Street, AA'estmiustcr, S.W. 1909. Savage, The Rev. Ernest Urmson ; 129 Upper Canning Street, Liverpool, Lanes. 34^ 1907. Schwann, Geoffrey ; 4 Prince's Gardens. S.AA^

1905. Schwann. TLviioLn. F.Z.S.; 45 Jhompton Square. S.AV.

Date of Election.

* 1858. ScLATER, Philip Li;tiey,D.Sc.,F.K.S,,F.Z.S.; Ocliham Priory, "Winchfield, Hants ; and Athenaeum Club, Pall Mall, S.W. {Joint Editor.) {Gold Medallist.) 1891. ScLATER, "William Lutley, M.A., P.Z.S. ; 10 Sloane Court, Chelsea, S.W.

1907. Scott, The Rev. Canon Samuel Gilbert, M.A. ; The llectory,

Havant, Hants. 350 1899, Selous, Frederick CouKTEXEY, F.Z.S. ; Heatherside, Worples- don, Surrey. 1889. Senhouse, Humphrey Patricius, E.A. ; The Fitz, Cocker- niouth, Cumberland.

1908. Seppiis'gs, Capt. John William Hamilton ; Army Pay

Office, Bootham, York. 1899. Serle, The Pev. William, M.A., B.D. ; The Manse, Duddiug-

ston, Edinburgh. 1901. Seth-Smith, David, F.Z.S. ; 34 Elsworthy Poad, South Hampstead, N.W. 355 1904. Seth-Smith, Leslie Moffat, P>.A., F.Z.S. ; Alleync, Caterham Valley, Surrey.

1909. Seton, Malcolm Cotter Cariston ; 13 Clarendon Poad, Hoi-

land Park, W. ; and Union Club, Trafalgar Square,

S.W. ' 1899. SuARMAN, Frederic, F.Z.S. ; 47 Goldington Eoad.^ Bedford. 18G5. Shepherd, The Eev. Charles AYilliam, M.A., F.Z.S. ; Trotlis-

cliffe Eeetory, Maidstone, Kent. 1908. Smalley, Frederic William, F.Z.S. ; Challan Hall, Silverdalc,

near Carnforth, Lanes. ^(5o 190G. S^orcKAERT VAN ScHAUBtJRG, Barou PtEN^ Charles ; Neerlang-

broek, Holland. 1903. Sparrow, Major Eichard, F.Z.S. (7th Dragoon Guards);

Eookwoods, Sible Hedingham, Essex. 1906. Stanford, Surgeon Charles Edward Cortis, B.Sc, M.B,,

E.jS!'. ; Eoyal Marine Barracks,' Plymouth.

1910. Stanford, Edward Eraser ; 9 Cumberland House, Kensington

Court, W. 1893. Stanley, Samuel S. ; Fair View House, Harbury,

Leamington, Warwickshire. 365 1900. Stares, John William Chester ; Portchester, Hants,

1902. Stenhouse, John Hutton, M.B., E.N.; 07 Marine Parade

Shcerness, Kent.

Date of Election.

]910. Stevens, Herbert; Dejoo, North Lakbimpur P.O., Assam, ludia ; and c/o Messrs. Thos. Cook & Sons, Ltd., Ludgate Circus, E.C. 1900. Steward, Edward Simmons, F.R.C.S. ; 10 Prince's Square,

Harrogate, Yorks. 1893. Stonham, Charles, C.M.G., F.R.C.S., F.Z.S. ; 4 Harley Street, Cavendish Square, W. ■y-o 1881. Studdy, Col. Robert AY right (late Manchester Regiment); Waddetou Court, Brixham, Devon. 1887. Styan, Fkederick William, F.Z.S. ; Stone Street, near

Scvcuoaks, Kent. 1887. Swinburne, John ; Ilaenertsburg, Transvaal, South

Africa. 1882. SwiNHOE, Col. Charles, M.A., F.L.S., F.Z.S. ; 0 Gunterstone

Road, W. Kensington, W. 1884. Tait, William Chaster, C.M.Z.S. ; Entre Quintas 155, Oporto, Portugal. ^ji 1911. Talbot-Po.nsonby, Charles George; 5 Crown Office Row, Temple, E.C. 1911. Tatton, Reginald Arthur; Cuerden Hall, liamber liridge,

Preston, Lanes. 1905. Taylor, Lionel Edward, F.Z.S.; Bankhead, Kelowna,

British Columbia. 1909. Tenison, Lieut. William Percival Cosnahan (62nd Batterj',

R.F.A.); NoAYshera, N.W.F.P., India. 188G. Terry, Major Horace A. (late Oxfordshire Light Infantry) ; The Lodge, Upper Halliford, Sheppcrton, Middlesex. -Qq 1911. Thomson, A. Landsborougu ; Castletou House, Old Aberdeen, Aberdeen. 1904. Thompson, William R. (Lieut. R.G.A.) ; ' Ravello,' Carlton

Road, Weymouth, Dorset. 1900. Thorburn, Archibald, F.Z.S. ; High Leybourne, Hascombe,

near Godalming, Surrey. 1893. Thorpe, Dixon L. ; Loshville, Etterby Scaur, Carlisle. 1903. Ticehurst, Claud Buchanan, M.A., M.D., M.R.C.S. ; Grove House, Lowestoft, Sufiblk. 385 1894. Ticehurst, Norman Frederic, M.A., M.B., F.R.C.S., F.Z.S. ; 35 Pevensey Road, St. Leonards-on-Sca, Sussex. 1902. TowNSEND, Reginald Gilliat, M.A. ; Buckholt, Dean, Salisbury, Wilts.

Date of Election.

1893. Trevor-Battte, Aubtx, F.Z.S, ; Stoncr Hill, Petersfield,

Hnnts. ; and Royal Societies Club, St. James's Street,

S.W. 1011. Tyrwhitt-Drakr, Ilucn Gaeeard, F.Z.S. ; Cobtree, Sandling,

Maidstone, Kent. 18G4. UrcnER, Henry Morris, F.Z.S. ; Sberingbara Hall, Cromer,

Norfolk. 390 1894. UssHER, PiicHARD Jonisr, M.R.I.A. ; Cappagb House, Cappagh,

S.O., Co. Waterford, Ireland.

1907. Van Oort, Dr. Eduard Daniel ; Museum of Natural History,

Ley den, Holland. iniO. Van Someren, Dr. Egbert Abraham Logan ; Uganda Medical Staff, Kj-etumi, Uganda, British East Africa.

1908. Vaughan, Matthew ; Haileybury College, Herts.

1906. Vattghan, Lieut. Robert E., R.N. ; H.M. Coast Guard, Lynn, Norfolk. 395 1890. Venour, Stephen ; Fern Bank, Altrincham, Cheshire.

1884. Veret, Alfred Sainsbury; Heronsgate, near Riekmansworth,

Herts. 1881. Verner, Col. William "Willoeghby Cole (late Rifle Brigade) ; Hartford Bridge, AVinchfield, Hants ; and United Service Club, S.W. 1902. Wade, Edward Walter; Middelburg, North Ferriby, East

Yorks. 188G. Wade-Dalton, Col. H. D. ; Hauxwell Hall, Finghall, R.S.O., Yorkshire. 400 1895. Wallis, Henry Marriage ; Ashton Lodge, Christchurch Road, Reading, Berks. 1881. Walsixghah, Thomas, Lord, M.A., LL.D., F.R.S., F.Z.S. ;

Merton Hall, Thetford, Norfolk. 1899. Walton, Major Herbert James, M.D., F.R.C.S., C.M.Z.S., I.M.S. ; c/o Messrs. King, King & Co., P.O. Box 110, Bombay, India. 1872. Wardlaw-Ramsa Y, Lt.-Col. Robert George, F.Z.S. ; Whitcbill,

RoseweU, Midlothian, N.B, 1896. Watkins, Watkin, F.Z.S.; 33 Evelyn Gardens, S.W. ; and Wellington Club, S.W. 405 1903. Watt, Hitgh Boyd; 3 Willow Mansions, West Hampstead, N.W.

Date of Election.

1900. Westell, William Perciyal, F.L.S., F.ll.H.S. ; Verulam,

Icknield Way, Letchwortli, Herts. 1891. WiiiTAKER, Bex-iamin Ixgham ; Ilcsley Hall, Ticklull, Eotlier-

ham, Yorks. 1891. WniTAKER, JosRPH I. S., F.Z.8. ; Malfitano, Palermo, Sicily. 1909. White, Hexry Luke ; Belltreos, Scone, New South Wales. 410 1903. White, Stephen Joseph, F.Z.S. ; Oakwood,Crayford, Kent. 1903. Whitehead, Capt. Charles Hugh Tempest; Deighton.

Grove, York. 1887- Whitehead, Jeffert, ; Mayes, East Grinstead, Susses.

1897. Whymper, Charles, F.Z.S. ; 11 Orange Street, Haymarket,


1898. WIC4LE3WORTH, JosEPH, M.D., F.Pt.C.P.; Ptaiuliill, near

Liverpool, Lanes. 4^5 1894. Wilkinson, Johnson; St. George's Square, Huddersfiekl,

Yorkshire. 1897. Wilson, Allan Head, B.A., M.B., B.Ch. ; Edgewood, Lower

Arrow Lake, British Columbia. 1888. Wilson, Charles Joseph, F.Z.S. ; 34 York Terrace, Regent's

Park, N.AV. 1900. Wilson, Dr. Edward Adrian, F.Z.S.; SS. "Terra Nova,"

Christchurch, Lyttleton, New Zealand ; and Westal,

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. 1887. Wilson, Scott Bakchard, F.Z.S. ; Heathcrbank, Weybridge

Heath, Surrey. 420 1897. Witherby, Harry Forbes, F.Z.S.; 3 Cannon Place,

Hampstead, N.W.

1908. Witherington, Gwynne; Aberlash, Sonning, Berks.

1899. Wollaston,Alesander Frederick Richmond, B.A.; 31 Argyll Mansions, King's Boad, Chelsea, S.W.

1909. Woosna:\i, PtiCHAKD BowEN, C.M.Z.S.; Game Warden's Office,

Nairobi, British East Africa. 1902. AVoRKMAN, AVilliam Hughes ; Lismore, AVindsor, Belfast,

Ireland. 425 1904. AVright,AA^illiamCrawfoed; Boslyn, Marlborough Park, N.,

Belfast, Ireland. 1895. Yerbury, Lt.-Col. John William (late R.A.), F.Z.S. ; 8 Duke

Street, St. James's, S.AV. ; and Army and Navy Club, S.AV. 1889. YoTJNG, Capt. James B., ll.N. ; Tytherley, AVimhorne, Dorset.

Date of Election.

Extra- Ordinary Members.

1899. GoDwiN-AusTEN, Lt.-Col. Henry Hatersham, F.R.S., F.Z.S. ;

Nore, Hascombe, Godalming, Surrey.

1909. Tegetmeier, William Bernhard ; 19 Westbere Road,

W. Hampstead, N.AY. 1860. Wallace, Alfred Russel, O.M., D.C.L., LL.D., F.R.S., F.Z.S. ; Broadstone, Wimborne, Dorset.

Honorary Members.

1907. Allen, Joel Asaph, Ph.D., F.M.Z.S. ; American Museum of Natural History, Central Park, New York, U.S.A.

1886. Ayres, Thomas ; Potchefstroom, Transvaal, South Africa.

1890. Berlepsch, Graf Hans von, C.M.Z.S. ; Schloss Berlepsch, Post Gertenbach, Witzenhausen, Germany.

1900. Collett, Prof. Robert, F.M.Z.S. ; University Museum,

Christiania, Norway. 5 1872. FiNSCH, Prof. Dr. Otto, C.M.Z.S. ; Altewiekring 19^ Bruns- wick, Germany.

1898. GoELDi, Prof. Dr. Emil A., C.M.Z.S. ; Zieglerstrasse 36, Berne, Switzerland.

1893. Reichenow, Dr. Anton, C.M.Z.S. ; Museum fiir Naturkunde, Invalidenstrasse, Berlin, Germany.

1903. RiDGWAY, Robert, C.M.Z.S. ; Smithsonian Institution, Wash- ington, D.C., U.S.A.

1890. Salvadori, Count ToMMASO, M.D., F.M.Z.S. ; Royal Zoological Museum, Turin, Italy.

Honorary Lady Members.

1910. Bate, Miss Dorothy M. A. ; Bassendean House, Gordon,


1911. Baxter, Miss Evelyn Yida ; Roslea, Kirkton of Largo,

Fifeshire. 1910. Bedford, Mary, Duchess of, F.Z.S. ; Woburn Abbey, Bods. 1910. Lemon, Mrs. Margaretta Louisa, F.Z.S. ; Hillcreat, Redhill,

Surrey. 5 1911. RiNTorL, Miss Leonora Jepfeey ; Lahill, Largo, Fifeshire. 1910. Turner, Miss Emma Louisa, F.Z.S. : Upper Birchetts,

Langton Green, Tunbridge Wells, Kent.


Date of Election.

Colonial Members. 1901. Campbell, Archibald James ; Custom House, Melbourne,

Australia. 190S. FAEQunAE, John Heney Joseph, B.Sc., N.D.A. ; Assistant Conservator of Forests, Calabar, Southern Nigeria, West Africa. 1910. Fleming, James H. ; 267 Rusbolme Road, Toronto, Canada. 1909. Haagnee, Alwin Kael, F.Z.S. ; Transvaal Museum, Pretoria. South Africa. 5 1908. Hall, Hobeet, F.L.S,, C.M.Z.S. ; Curator of the Tasmauian Museum, Hobart, Tasmania. 1903. Legge, Col. W. Vincent, F.Z.S. ; CuUenswood House,

St. Mary's, Tasmania. 1905. Macotjn, John, M.A., F.E.S.C. ; Naturalist to the Geological

Survey of Canada, Ottawa, Canada. 1903. NoETu, Alfeed J., C.M.Z.S. ; Australian Museum, Sydney,

New South Wales. 1907. SwYNNEETON, Chaeles Feancis Masst, F.L.S. ; Gungunyana, Melsetter. South Rhodesia.

Fore'iyn Memhers.

1909. Alph^eakt, Seegitts N. ; Imperial Academy of Science,

St. Petersburg, Russia. 1900. BiANCHi, Dr. Valentine; Imperial Zoological Museum,

St. Petersburg, Russia. 1904. Blasitjs, Geh. Hofr. Prof Dr. Wilhelm, C.M.Z.S. ; Gauss-

Strasse, 17, Brunswick, Germany. 1880. BuEEAU, Loms, M.D. ; Ecole de Medecine, Nantes, France. 5 1906. BiJTTiKOFEE, Dr. Johannes, C.M.Z.S.; Director of the Zoo- logical Garden, Rotterdam, Holland. 1906. BuTXJELiN, Seegitjs a. ; Wesenberg, Esthonia, Russia. 1902. Chapman, Feane Michlee ; American Museum of Natural

History, Central Park, New York, U.S.A. 1875. Doeia, Marchesc Giacomo, F.M.Z.S. ; Strada Nuova 6, Genoa,

Italy. 1902. Iheeing, Dr. Heeman von, C.M.Z.S. ; Museu Paulista, Sao Paulo, Brazil. 10 1886. Madaeasz, Dr. Julius von; National Museum, Budapest, Hungary.

Date of


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N'uirBER XVII., January.


I. Nine Days on Grimsey and the Xorth-east Coast of Iceland. By Mart, Dfchess of Bedfoed, F.L.S., F.Z.S., H.M.B.O.U. (Text-figs. 1-4.) 1

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SER. IX. VOL. V. d

Page V. Notices of recent Ornithological Publications :

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