A Leader Who Puts People First!

-- N.J. Transit needs to reduce fares for senior and handicapped riders. That is why MILDRED CRUMP this year pressured the N.J. Transit Board to freeze the rates for seniors and the handi- capped. "The majority of Newark senior citizens do not obtain the services to which they are entitled from the Federal, State or local government. That is why as Councilwoman, | will lead the effort for all Newark seniors to gain access to these services!"

-- Property taxes could be reduced if MILDRED CRUMP and her allies in the Newark Fair Taxation Committee had their voices heard when they asked that Downtown business interests be made to pay their fair share. "We need a cap on municipal taxes while new developments expand the base of tax ratables -- Newark does not need new taxes, we need increased ratables."

-- "As Councilwoman, | will raise the number of police in Newark by voting to increase the Police Depart- ment's appropriation in the Municipal Budget. We definitely need more police presence, especially foot patrols, in all our neighborhoods, not just Downtown."

~ "As an educator myself, | am appalled at our City's dropout rate, the absence of } adequate recreational opportunities, and the failure of the system to j prepare our children for the future. As Councilwoman, | will fight to ensure that our schools are adequately funded and the funds are effectively utilized. And, | will insist that all public schools are open in the afternoons and early evenings for study and recreational purposes.”

-- "As a working mother, | am keenly aware of the fact that without a safe place for my child such as Head Start or licensed day care centers, most women would be unable to seek i training, or job it i When elected Coun- cilwoman, | will work to expand early childhood educational programs as supported by the City.”

‘We need not only reform of our rent control laws, increased protection against arbitrary condo conversions, and stricter code enforcement, we need a court system that is fair and does not favor landlords over tenants. As Councilwoman, | shall insist that tenants are treated fairly and get the services they pay for."

Paid for by the Committee to Elect Mildred C. Crump, P.O. Box 25105, Newark, NJ 07101, Wayne Games, Treasurer 43889 «=

Because Mildred Crump puts people first,

she has gained the support of community leaders including

U.S. Congressman Donald PAYNE, State Senators Wynona LIPMAN and Ronald RICE, Assembly Leader Willie BROWN, Essex Freeholder Delores BATTLE and Councilman-At-Large Donald TUCKER.

r About Mildred Crump...

Married to Mr. Cecil Crump and mother of two children

Graduate of Wayne State Univer- sity with a major in Education

Educational Specialist, N.J. Commission for the Blind and Visually Handicapped.

Former Member, Newark Fair Taxation Committee

Trustee, Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs of Newark, Youth at Risk, Newark Community Project for People with A1.D.S., and Volunteer Center of Greater Newark

Active Member, Bethany Baptist Church

Subscribing Life Member, Newark Branch, NAACP

Also active with Minority Women in Trade Unions, Save the Children Foundation, Hansbury Ave. Block Assn., and the Hispanic Women's Task Force of NJ


Crump -A Leader Who Puts People First! | °° ri

Vote C-8

day, Novemberzth Committee to Elect Mildred C. Crump « P.O. Box 25105 » Newark, New Jersey 07101


Dear Fellow Citizen:

When I was a candidate for Councilwoman-at-Large in 1986, your faith in my ability and integrity gave me enough votes to finish as runner-up in the Municipal Council Run-Off Election, with about 10,000 votes.

That fact mandates that | be a candidate in the Special Election, Tuesday, November 7th. As you know, it has always been my attitude that ‘People Come First!’ | can't understand why we see drugs sold openly on street corners throughout our City. | know the City can do better with providing police protection. We should not have to wait hours for a police response.

| don't feel that we have to tolerate higher tax rates that threaten many of our homeowners and drive up rents for low and moderate income families. When | see that people have to line up for days and nights for a chance to acquire some affordable hous- ing, | am angry! When | read that tenants who have resided in their own apartment complexes for years are now threatened with condo conversion and are faced with 300 percent increases in monthly payments, | am shocked!

| know the City of Newark can do better. You know my record of service to the people. As Councilwoman, | will insist that downtown business interests pay their fair share and that revenue from new developments are used to expand the base of ratables and lower our tax rates. | will insist that the scourge of drugs be eliminated from our streets, our schools, and our parks and play- grounds. | will seek to provide treatment and rehabilitation for addicts and insist that drug pushers be locked up.

I care about people. | have a record of service to the dis- advantaged, the handicapped, the homeless, and our elderly re- sidnts to whom we owe so much.

We can do better. My success on Election Day, Tuesday, November 7th, will give us a voice and a committed public servant.


Sustred C Cruma

Mildred Crump Candidate, Councilwoman-at-Large

Newark, N.J. Permit No. 00442