Bay Area: Fair through tomorrow e x c e p t high morning f o g ; continued warm. Sierra Nevada: Scattered thunderstorm s tomorrow.

DAILY Est. 1861

S i R V I N G A L L O F M A R I N C O U N T Y


ARRESTED IN T H EFT— Gordon A. Tallman (second from right) and his pal, Robert J. Dodge, are flanked bv

detectives at a police station in New York City after their arrests yester­ day. (AP Wirephoto) $120-Week Stock Clerk Jailed As $1.3-Million Theft Suspect

NEW YORK W It was a simple case of larceny, but even the Brinks robbers would blink in awe at th e during of a $120-a-week clerk accused of stealing $1.3 million in stock certificates from a Wall Street b rokerage house. The get-rich-quick scheme developed from a joking con­ versation betw een two pals at a bar, the district atto rn e y ’s office said. The B rin k ’s robbery of more than a dozen y e a r s ago— didn't start with any jokes. But the 11 bandits who robbed the Boston counting house of 81.- 219,000 in cash— wore Hallo­ ween masks. Police and the FBI an ­

nounced solution of one of th e biggest stock thefts of all tim e with the a rre sts y esterd ay of four men. They included th e clerk and a co nfed erate who b uried most of the tre a su re in a vacant lot for a w eek before tu r n in g it over to a m ysterious “Mr. X.” Mr. X,” the only identity p in n ed on h im by the district atto rn ey 's office, was describ­ ed as a 30-year-old free lance salesman w ho disposed of th e stolen securities for a 5 p e r cent cut of the take. He is being sought. The district a t ­ torney's office said police know' who he is. Dist. Atty. Frank S. Hogan said stock record clerk Gordon

Confidence Lost Boy

Will Be Found Told

Confidence that a 12-year- old Berkeley boy, missing since W ednesday in rugged Kings Canyon National Park, will be found alive was expressed to­ day by c o o rd in ato r of the search for the lad.

Nearly 100 se a rc h e rs com ed the heights of the park on foot today in a widening hunt fo r Allen Yisher. son of Dr. and Mrs. Jo h n S. Visher of Berkeley. He b e cam e s e p a ra ed from a p arty of 50 Sierra Club hikers in th e Dog Creek area of the p ark at about 6,000 feet elevation Wednesday.

The boy is a n ep h ew of Mrs Robert L Mayer, 70 George Lane, Sausalito. Mr. and Mrs. Mayer are hiking in the Tuo­ lum n e County section of the


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Sierras, north of Kings Can- I yon.

San Rafael co n tracto r Mich­ ael McLean and two of his bloodhounds, were airlifted to th e search area y esterd ay m o rn in g by one of two helicop­ te rs from Stead Air Force Rase near Reno. T h e helicop­ ters, back at their base today for m aintenance, w ere to be r e ­ placed by two o th er machines from Fort Ord.

Maj. H e n r y Wallendorf, co­ ord in a to r on duty at the W e s e rn Air Rescue Center, H a m ­ ilton Air Force Base, was c o n ­ fident the boy would be found alive. He said o th e r children, even younger, have survived for longer periods in the wil­ derness.

Skies over the Sierras w ere clear and th e r e was no sto rm threat, Major W allendorf said.

P a rk r a n g e rs called the m a ­ j o r yesterd ay to request m o re expert m ountain clim bers for the search. Sierra Club m e m ­ bers in th e Bay Area w ere alerted and 30 volunteers met at Moffet Field at 9 a.m. today to board an Air Force t r a n s ­ port for Fresno.

From Fresno a helicopter flew them to Cedar Grove, site of a ra n g e r station in the p a r k w h e r e th e search is being d rected. T he 30 volunteers a re h ead ed by Dr. E d g a r W a v b u rn of San Francisco. T h e m en c a r ­ ry th e ir own food an d bedrolls.

T h e re w e re rep o rtedly no M arin County m e n in the group,

TEMPERATURES San Rafael noon today Y esterday’s high 81, low 52

Last 24 hours H igh Lowr Honolulu ........................ 85 75 Reno ........................... 93 48 Sacram ento ........ 101 62 Seattle ...............................79 58

No. 104 Military Shakeup Holds r Change In Arms Roles

A. Tallman. 30. the adm itted “inside m a n in the larceny at Bache and Co. brokers, was tra p p e d by his own brazenness.

A fte r lifting more than a million dollars in stocks on Ju n e 12, Tallman was too n e r ­ vous to sit down d u rin g his subsequent th re e hours in the Bache offices with the loot secreted inside his shirt, Ho­ gan said.

But Tallman subsequently becam e bolder, Hogan a d d e d and paved the way for his own a r r e s t— when he pointed out to superiors an e r r o r in the orig­ inal listing of stolen stocks.

The supervisors duly noted the error, and also w ondered how anyone not connected with the th eft could have detected it.

A rrested with* Tallman was R obert J. Dodge, 24, an u n e m ­ ployed truck d riv e r who al­ legedly stuffed the securities into a tin can. buried it in a lot behind an ice cre a m stand in u p p e r Manhattan, and m ark ed the spot with a rock. Dodge checked the cache daily until Ju n e 19 when Mr. X reported

See THEFT, page 11



To Meet

A m eeting to seek a w o rk ­ able program for care of sick county jail inmates has been scheduled for 8:15 a.m. Mon­ day in County Physician Dr. Rafael G. Dufficy s office.

Dr. D u f f i c y and Sheriff Louis P M ountanos got in a heated feud that was carried all the way to the Grand Ju r y over the death of Jo h n Joseph Powers, 41, of Inverness. He died in county jail May 21 of p araldehyde poisoning.

Sheriff M ountanos said Dr. Dufficy prescribed p a rald eh y de for Powers, w ho was in jail for intoxication. Dr. Dufficy denied prescribing the paraldehyde.

The grand ju ry probe failed to resolve the dispute between the doctor and the sheriff, but the j u r y r e c o m m e n d e d pro­ ced u res for h a ndling sick in­ mates be overhauled,

j T h e m eeting Monday is a im ­ ed at improving the methods. Dr. Dufficy, who an no u n ced the m eetin g today, said the sheriff, district attorney, c o u n ­ ty counsel a r d county adminis- i tutor would attend.


Marin County reservists of the 94th Q uarterm aster Platoon, one of the units activated last October in President Jo h n F. K en­ nedy's 120,000-man callup during the Berlin crisis, are expected to begin arriving in San Francisco on Aug. 2 and will retu rn home Aug. 11.

The platoon consists of arm y reservists from San Rafael. San Anselmo, Kent- field. Novato, San Geronimo, Belvedere and Fairfax. They have been in training at Fort Lee, Ya.

A two-man party headed by SP4 Craig L. Williams will p r e ­ cede the main unit to p re p a re for its return.

M embers who are flying home will arrive at San F r a n ­ cisco International A i r p o r t Aug. 2. and others will follow' at later dates. While at Fort I^ee, the 94th Platoon took part in 30 field exercises totaling 52 days u n ­ d e r realistic battle conditions. The m en participated in such m a n e u v e rs as Operation Web- foot at Little Creek, Va., and Logex at Fort Lee. P ro m o ted during the u n it’s stay at Fort Lee were SP5 Don B. Yeo, SP4 David R Codom and Pfc. William Rishell.

Peru Junta

Appeals To

U.S. For Aid

LIMA, Peru T P e r u ’s rulin g military ju nta strove to­ day to create an image of it­ self as champions of d e m o c ra ­ cy in an effort to win U. S. recognition and re su m p tio n of Am erican aid.

The military chiefs who d e ­ posed and imprisoned Presi­ dent Manuel Prado in a blood­ less coup W ednesday w e r e staggered by the quick U. S. reaction suspending diplomatic relations and halting millions of dollars in economic and mili­ ta ry aid. Gen. Ricardo Perez Godov, the ju n ta leader, appealed to the United States to recognize his military regime. “We are seeking to preserve dem ocracy,” he declared. At a press conference last night and an earlier interview, the general indicated that if President K ennedy refused to recognize the junta it would be only * to cause us trouble,” He expressed hope W ashing­ ton would extend recognition once it learned what he called the tru e intentions of the mili­ tary takeover. He said the j u n ­ ta had no plans to seek assis­ ta nce elsewhere while it tries to win its case with W ash in g ­ ton. Perez G o d o y ch arged that the deposed civilian govern­ ment had been siphoning off U S. Alliance for Progress funds. He said he could give the I mted States assurances that should U. S. aid be re­ sum ed, it w'ould reach the peo­ ple in our country who are h u n g ry and need ¡1. I w a n t no co m m itm e n ts from the United States, only consideration and to be recog­ nized,” he said.

MAXWELL TAYLOR Joint chiefs chairm an

Overhaul May See

Command Unification

W ASHINGTON (UPI)— President John F K en­ nedy's overhauling of the nation's military leadership raised the possibility today of drastic changes in organ­ ization, command and traditional war roles of the armed forces. It also opened the prospect of new controversies over the size of the forces and the relative weight to be given conventional and n u ­ clear arms. Gen. Maxwell I). Taylor, controversial A r m y officer selected for c h a irm a n of the joint chiefs of staff, is on r e c ­ ord with a firm proposal to j abolish the joint chiefs system and replace ii with a single “defense chief of s ta ff” wdth great authority.” That idea always has boon a n a th e m a in Congress and T a y ­ lor seems assured to be q u e s ­ tioned on it when he ap p e a rs before Congressional c o m m it­ tees.

MERGER SEEN K ennedy himself is on record with a forecast th at th e mid 1960s m ay bring a m e r g e r of the Army. Navy and Air Force into a single service d o m i n a t ­ ed by a single c o m m a n d .” That prophesy, in his 1960 book, T he Strategy of P e a c e m a y have new significance now that the president has a slate of military leaders w ho are, with the exception of th e Marine c o m m an d an t, of his own choos­ ing. A n no u n cem en t of the U. S. high c om m and s h a k e u p cam e swiftly yesterday a f te r word leaked out in Paris that U. S. Air Force Gen. L a u n s Norstad would resign effective Nov. 1 as su p re m e Allied c o m m a n d e r in Europe and c o m m a n d e r of Am erican forces in Europe

NORSTAD HISTORY The dynam ic general is 55 and has been a general officer for 19 of his 36 y e a r service. He has c o m m a n d e d NATO forces for the past six years and hold high NATO a ssig n ­ m ents for six years before that. No one is m ore closely identi­ fied with the form ulation and articulation of NATO strategy. He had d ifferences with the K en n edy a d m inistration on as­ pects of strategy but th e re was a w arm exchange of letters in connection with his retirem ent. K ennedy called him a living sy m b o l” of NATO's strength. A few hours a fie r co n firm ­ ing N o rstad ’s re tire m e nt, K en­ nedy announced these shifts: A rm y Gen. Lyman L. I^em- nitzer, 62. chairm an of the joint chiefs, will succeed Norstad as U. S. c o m m a n d e r in Europe. NATO is certain to select him also as su p re m e Allied c o m ­ m a n d e r His two-vear te rm as

EXTEND COUNTDOWN JFK Asks Delay In Missile Strike

LYMAN LIMNITZER To succeed Norstad

joints chief c h a irm a n expires Sept. 30.

Taylor, 60, w h o retired as A rm y chief of staff in 1959 in disagreement on strategy with President Dwight D. Eisenhow­ er and his joint chief collea­ gues, will succeed Lernmtzcr K ennedy recalled him to active duty last year as his personal military advisor. Army Gen Farle G. Wheeler, 54. deputy U S c o m m a n d e r in Europe and a rising star, will succeed Gen George H. Decker as Army chief on Oct. 1. Deck­ er will retire Both the L em nitzer and Tay­ lor appointm ents could he for short terms. Both are beyond normal retirem ent age.

i n AN NTS PORT. Mass. (ITI) President John F Kennedy m ade a personal plea today for a 60-day-delav in a th re a te n e d strike that would halt most of the nation's missile production and sn ag its space program . One large union involved im ­ m ediately heeded the request. K en n e d y , who also nam ed a thre e -m a n board to investigate the stalem ated dispute over new c o n tracts said, in this im ­ portant defense industry all parties h a \ o a responsibility to coo p erate in achieving a settle­ ment without any interruption of w ork." T h e International Associa­ tion of Machinists announced

Venus Shot

Pul Olf To Tomorrow

C A PE CANAVERAL, Fla. W A str a n g e radio signal in th e booster rocket forced the U ni­ ted States today to postpone for at least 24 h ours an a te m p t to launch its first V e nu s spacecraft, A sp o k e sm a n for the Nation­ al A e ro n a u tic s and Space A d ­ m inistration said an o th e r try m ay bo m ad e tom orrow m o r n ­ ing if th e trouble can be p in ­ pointed and corrected. He r e p o r te d only that «a s p u ­ rious radio signal was detected in th e Atlas-Agena B rocket. Such a stray signal shooting t h r o u g h a rocket during launch could upset delicate electronic c o m p o n e n ts or give g round tra c k e rs a false reading which could load to the vehicle’s d e ­ struction by the range safety officer.

The postponement a n n o u n c e ­ ment came only 90 m in u tes before the scheduled limp for- launching the 446-pound, gold and silver plated M ariner I payload

M a rin e r T is slated to race across 224 million miles of in­ t e r p la n e ta ry space en route to a ren dezv o u s with the cloud- sh ro u d e d Venus on Dec. 8— 140 days a fter launching The spacecraft is not in te n d ­ ed to hit the planet but to whiz within 10.000 miles of it before settling into eternal o r ­ bit about the sun.

in Washington th a t it would bow to K e n n e d y ’s request.

T h e United Automobile W orkers also a r e involved in the dispute which affects 150,* 000 workers at 53 missile plants and bases.

A strike w ould stop produc* tion of such w e a p o ns as the Atlas, Titan, M in u te m a n an d Polaris missiles a n d halt work at ('ape C anaveral an d Vanden* berg Air Force Rase, both m a ­ jor rocket an d missile launch­ ing sites.

Sources close to the s u m m e r White House w a r n e d th at if the p re sid e n t’s plea was ignor­ ed. K ennedy still had recourse to a Taft-Hartlcy injunction which would force an 80-day “cooling off” period.

In W ashington, machinists union p re sid e nt Albert J. Hayes and IAM vice p resident Jesse McGlon, in anno u n cing their willingness to continue negotiating in com pliance with K ennedy’s r e q u e st, criticized the aerospace m a n u fa c tu re rs.

Involved in th e dispute "with the unions a re th e Ryan Aero­ nautical Co., San Diego, Calif.; North A m erican Aviation Inc., El Scgundo, Calif.; Convair Di­ vision, G e n e r a l Dynamics Corp., San Diego; Lockheed Aircraft Corp., B u rb an k , Calif., and A erojet-General Corp., Sacramento, Calif.

Yanks Wink

In Viet Nam

At Torture Of Reds

Congressman Says


HEN T he only two-legged c re a ­ tu re t h a t n e v e r cackles until after it has laid its egg.

W ASHINGTON (UPI A Wis- consin c ongressm an charged today that U. S. military a d ­ visors in Viet Nam have con­ doned to r tu r e s allegedly p r a c ­ ticed on C o m m unist guerrilla prisoners in th at country. He asked President Jo h n F K en ­ nedy to take corrective action.

The protest was m ade by Rep. Robert W. K asten m eier iD-Wis .) who wrote K ennedy : that American “complicity in t h e s e i n h u m a n practices" should be halted.

He s a i d U. S. personnel could not escape som e re sp o n ­ sibility even though the acts com mitted by allied V ie tn a ­ mese troops.

j Kastenm eier cited a recent story in Tim e Magazine in s u p ­ port of his allegations. | He said a p h o to g ra p h showed j two Vietnam ese boys, 15 and 19 years old, being led off to i be t o r tu r e d u n d e r the w a tc h ­

ful gaze of an Am erican a d ­ visor.”

Kastenmeier said an accom­ panying story explained that the youths were ca p tu re d with Communist songbooks in their possession.

The time story said: “The older boy was p in n e d to the ground and - as the rangers call it ‘taken for a swim.’ His jaw was forced open and five gallons of w a te r from a rusty old can gradually poured into his mouth. T h e youth gag­ ged and scream ed, but refused to talk even when prodded with a rifle butt.” Kastenm eier w'rote Kennedy th at I . S. soldiers advising the Vietnamese r e p r e s e n t b o t h the governm ent and the peo­ ple of this c o u n try .” I am shcoked to see them a s s o c i a t e d wit h t h e s e practices,” he ’said. “T h e re is no place for o u r h elp or co­

operation. or even our c o m ­ placency in the face of such facts.” T h e congressm an said he a so could not u n derstand how m en b ro u g h t up in America can condone thp practice of to r tu r e in Vietnam or else­ w h e r e

Fair Peak

Due Tomorrow

In Sonoma

A million dollar livestock p a r a d e will highlight to m o ro w ’s activities at the Sonoma County Fair, w h e n officials ex­ pert attendance to reach its peak.

Animals owned a n d raised by Future F a r m e r s of A merica and 4-H club m e m b e r s will be shown in the p a r a d e at 1 p.m. in the racing area. T h e parade will be led by George Otter- son of W i l l o w s. riding th e “only trained B r a h m a bull in captivity

Following th e p a ra d e will be the Barnyard Olympics at 2 p.m., also in t h e racing area.

T he “Olympics” consist of a full afternoon of events for FFA and 4-H m e m b e rs, includ­ ing a greased pig race, calf scramble and m ilk m a id con­ test.

Two horse shows also are scheduled, one a t 1 p.m. an d a nother at 7 p m , bo th at th e Chris Beck ro d e o arena.

Judging has b e e n com pleted in FFA livestock divisions, and 4-H class ju d g in g will start next week. Among fair w in ners from Marin County so far are Helen L. Hill of Point Reyes Station, two firsts and t h r e e seconds in textile crafts. Jim T r e m a r i and Joe Fenk, both of Tomales, who won second an d th ird in F FA Holstein judging.


W* Now Hove Savings a n d Loan Funds at 6% -------- 30 YEARS

80°o of A ppraisal on Qualified Properties REFINANCE NOW


1601 Second Street San Rafael GL 6-5737

2 jlnftryfm>rtit-3lminial. Saturday, July 21, 1962


' LADY' DRIVER COMPOUNDS HIS INJURY M C E, France, 4*— Marcel Gruat, 70, strolling across an intersection in this Rivi­ era resort, w as knocked down by a sports car driven by a pretty brunette.

She didn't slow down Cro­ at staggered to his feet and s h o u t e d uncomplimentary things about unlady-like dri­ vers. Still in earshot, the bru­ nette stopped her car. roared back m reverse, climbed out, took off a h;gh-heeled shoe and >lugged Gruat on the head.

Gruat was taken uncon­ scious to a hospital Attend­ ants described his head in­ jury a> serious.

She's Sno Storm

SNOW FLAKE, Ariz F- The salutatorian at Snowflake High | School this year was 17-year-old Sno Storm.

U.N. Debtor Nation Might Tow Line

IM T E D NATIONS. N Y. F A World Court opinion that all United Nations members are legally bound to share peace-keeping costs of The Congo and Suez sparked pre­ dictions today that some debtor nations would swing into line but not the Soviet-led Com­ munist bloc.

The Soviet Union, which re­ fuses to pay on either The Congo or Middle East opera­ tion. already has made it clear it will ignore the 9-5 decision handed down at The Hague and oppose any attempt by the U N. General Assembly to en­ dorse it.

Diplomats generally express-

Annual Aqua Show

The third annual aqua show, sponsored by the Petaluma Recreation Department, will be held at the Petaluma High School pool Aug. 1 through 4

starting at 8 40 p.m.

Soviet Deputy Premier Anastas Mikovan greets Indonesian President Sukarno’s son, Guruh, today at a re­ ception in Jakarta for the inaugura-

tion of an Asian Games stadium. President is at left, his wife, Madame Hartini, at right. (AP Wirephoto via radio from Jakarta) Republicans Demand Wider Senate Estes Investigation


HI lilt lit

GATE O PEN S at 8:00 P.M.

■gMVttr nr» mu ,!■!— - S HOW I I MF APPROX. 8:50 kbbbeìMÌIHhìIu V S jSRHHIHSBMBII ------------ * NOW! LA ST TIM ES TO NIGHT * ""=




WASHINGTON F Disputed! «negations that 68,000 bushels of government grain disappear­ ed from Rill ip Sol Estes’ ware­ houses have started a Repub-1 lican demand for a wider Sen­ ate investigation. Sen. Karl E. Mundt iK-SI).), the Senate Investigations sub- j committee's senior GOP mem­ ber. told reporters yesterday: Now we hear that although the Agriculture Department claimed that all of the grain in Estes' warehouses was there and accounted for, there was a 68,000 bushel shortage, plus additional shortages in other, warehouses with which he is connected. Our subcommittee could he accused rightfully of doing less than half a Job if we didn't inquire into this, and do it thoroughly.” From the start of the sub- corn m i 11 e e’s investigation Chairman John L. McClellan (D-Ark.) has held open the pos­ sibility of an inquiry into Estes' amazing success at ob­ taining grain storage contracts from the government, collect­ ing millions of dollars of stor­ age fees in the process. A House subcommittee is looking into the grain deals,

and plans to resume its hear-; ings Monday. The Senate group has been concentrating on the Pecos, Tex., financier’s cotton acreage allotment deals under federal farm aid pro-1 gra ms. Sen. John J. Williams fR-' Deli exploded the new con­ troversy about the grain in a Senate speech yesterday. He disclosed a report from the comptroller general’s of­ fice that 68.000 bushels of grain were missing from ware­ houses known to he owned by Estes, 39.633 bushels from I warehouses in which Estes is believed to have a financial interest, and 7.150 bushels from facilities owned by Cole­ man 1). McSpadden, an Estes associate. T h e Agriculture Depart- j ment replied in a statement that Williams was drawing er­ roneous inferences from frag­ mentary facts.” The statement said there is no shortage other than a nor­ mal allowance for shrinkage and errors of measurement. Then vvhv, Williams demand- * ed, is the department seeking to collect from McSpaddens bondsmen for at least part of the shortage, as reported by

the comptroller general? Williams and the depart­ ment both noted that losses are covered by payments be­ ing withheld from Estes, plus

possible reimbursement from

his grain storage bonds.

Note: One complete J A a

show only. STARTS S U O u Q y * 2 HITS * * DAYSl

Yul B rynner j Gina


B X C 3 0 LJS P A U L N E W M A N E V A M A R lF S A IN T «« >•*-•» » a '( j COM) f t * . M tfrfO JC " 1N O tftfcft ftftlPPITM

S plendor NATAlIf

g r a s s : ? r i .M aialata,», BEATTY


SPLEN D O R-’ Shown 9 37 only

I h e DaRK









"S T A IR S '1 Show n 7 37 onlv

IxtSt Tim es

PREMATURE BURIAL“ SCREAM OF FEAR“ it STARTS SUNDAY * «■ ». «« a ;. j «•*■**■»• tw ' ••••*« »•**«*« m I ' ? » STATE FAIR _V *V r Ifii “1«| BOOM fUKh TlfTh tPRiMT PblJ FMI c—«■ ■»«.»»« mmn ... _ Esther Williams Cliff Robertson I HE RIG SHOW"I


S U M M IT * O H aRA


a V A C A T I O N FaeiAN

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SUNDAY SH O W IN G S - 2:10 _ 6 (Mi . p 50


'Hard For Americans

To Reach Heaven . . . 7

Let's go BOWLING

SUNDAY SH O W IN G S 4 00 - 8:00

FRKSNO fllPI» Hilly Graliam last night said that it is hard­ er for \mericans to reach hea­ ven than for other people of the world because our wealth comes between us and God.” The Kaptist evangelist ad dressed another standing-room only crowd of better than 25,- 000 and reminded them that scriptures say it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to go to the Kingdom of God.

Americans are the rich men. Christ was talking aboi* us.” Graham said. Noting the many young peo­ ple in his audience, Graham departed front his prepared talk and primarily aimed his speech at them.

He said today'*: high school-

J l n b t jie n b e n t - K I o u r n a l

Entered In San Rafael Post Office as second class matter under Act of March 6. 1897 Published Daily Except Sundays and certain holidays at 1028-40 B Street San Rafael, Calif, by California Newspapers, Inc. Roy A. Brown, President

Combining the S^n P.nfaH Inde­ pendent. Marin mrnal. M a r i n Herald. San Anselmo Herald. Fair­ fax Gazette, Larkspur-Corte Ma­ dera News

ers are looking for security, are misunderstood, bored with Life, troubled by their con­ science. are searching for a challenge, and are troubled by sox.

He called on youth to let Christ become their hero, their master, and controller.” Graham said that Christ has endured every temptation that young people face today and had mastered them. Graham challenged the Com­ munist concept that history is swinging toward their side. History is waiting for that climatic moment when Christ will return to lead the world," hp said.

A r t E x h ib itio n

A t N o v a t o J o e 's

An exhibition of paintings by Mrs. Herta Rothschild of 1280 Lynwood Drive. Novato, is on display at Novato .Joe’s Res­ taurant in the Nave Shopping Center. Mrs. Rothschild received her art training in her native Vienna, Austria. She has had several shows in Chicago and in Phoenix, Ariz. She has also exhibited at the Sausaltto An Show and the Marin Art and Garden Fair







-pi'"H ' Ar')T~\ A"r'-’T 'r V,r>r>'nr\TT/_tTT ) lâJWC'R SCXU 6*11 > s**. hloHAru ) Ai i LNdUHOUuH * * iwösley uteumt'oiui ieiease


2 sh^gws # TONIGHT 7:00-9:15



- S H O W S A T -

4:45 5:00-7:00-8:55

ed confidence that the 164- nation assembly can muster enough votes when it convenes this fall to uphold the court's advisory opinion.

The Hague decision opened the way for crucial assembly debate not only on whether to uphold the court’s opinion, but whether to revoke the voting power of any nation falling more than two years behind in its dues for the peace-keep­ ing operations and the regular U.N. budget. The U N. charter provides for such penalties, but they have never been im­ posed.

At present only Bolivia. Guatomale. Paraguay and Ye­ men ane two full vears behind

in all U.N. assessments. By paying a total of about $37.000 they could avoid sanctions. Diplomats close to the issue predicted they would do this before the assembly meets Sept. 18 for the new session.

The United States hailed the decision as one of fundamen­ tal importance to international

Senior Citizens

TUCSON. Ariz. I P!* There may be more than 26 million Americans 65 years or older by 1978, according to Horizon Land Corp., specialists in crea­ ting homes for the aged. This compares with an estimated 16

million oldsters today.

law and to the present and fu* tur^ capacity of thp United Nations to maintain peace.”

Officials in Washington said the court action s h o u l d strengthen President Ken­ nedy's hand in getung Con­ gress to let him buy up half of the 200-million-dollar U N. emergency bond issue to help save the world forum from bankruptcy.

The General Assembly had asked the World Court to hand down an opinion whether tho cost of the U.N. Congo force and the emergency force sta­ tioned between Israel and Egypt should he borne by all I N members as apportioned hv the assemble.




S U & t F I N l J mj A R T S > 45 ) 5444



A REAL GOOD LAFF ihool Scoundrels

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HO W TO W IN w ith o u t actu ally CHEATING!



T O N IG H T Disney's Bon Voyage

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Feoture Time Sunday Advise & Consent' at 3:55 8 p.m.


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10 cpn^s per copy *1 SO « month by carrier $4 50 for 3 months by mail $9 00 for 6 month by mail $18 00 for 1 year by mail CIRCULATION INFORM ATION Phone GLenwood 4-3020 Mill Valley, Sausalito and GEneva exchange, Phone DU 8-2351 Novato, TWinbrook 2-9020

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Demonstrations at your home

DU 8- 26 36

SHAMROCK MOTORS 375 M ilU r Ave , Mill Vnlley Sft» < '•••»«* « l v, 4, 1,«»,,« i

Lanes available every day of the week





101 S i r F r a n c i s D r a k e ,

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